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PressureSafe Training Course

2-day IOSH approved online training consisting of 1 learning day followed by a day of remote exams and assessment scenarios.

The enhanced engineer pressure systems examination training course has been created to help service engineers understand Pressure Systems Safety Regulations 2000 and provide detailed training on how to undertake pressure system statutory examinations.

Delegates will benefit from gaining knowledge on how PSSR impact them, the role of the competent person and be made aware of the chain of responsibility. The course gives practical examples of examinations and techniques and provides best practice guidelines documented by the Health & Safety Executive.

This course is for experienced service engineers with a minimum of 6 months experience in pressure systems, wishing to carry out the statutory examinations on minor air, autoclaves, accumulators and expansion vessels. This is to follow what is required by PSSR and in conjunction with the PressureSafe reporting system.

After seeing the PressureSafe engineer training it was a no brainer, we would be able to complete our own examinations and work safely in collaboration with Mandate Systems to produce dual branded written schemes. This solution would not only improve quality, provide the one stop service we want to offer, it would also benefit the bottom line.

            Paul Sutcliffe, Director – SSD Dental

The main objective of the course is to ensure the safety of everyone exposed to or within the vicinity of a pressure system.  The course will cover health & safety issues, Approved code of Practice and guidance notes regarding the regulations.

We have many delegates who attend the training for a number of different reasons and it’s optional as to whether or not you wish to join as a member. For more details on PressureSafe membership click here.

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Engineers following training will be upskilled and able to undertake pressure system examinations in accordance with PSSR 2000.

Upcoming Training Dates:

  • 10 – 11th Sept 24
  • 12 – 13th Nov 24

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Mandate Systems is packed with guidance and advice on Pressure Systems Safety, but we have also provided answers to some frequently asked questions. Please let us know if there is a question you would like the answer to that isn’t listed here.

    A WSE is a legal document that is required on most pressure equipment under the Pressure System Safety Regulations 2000 (PSSR). The WSE lists the components within a system, examinable items and the frequency these should be examined. This is all noted in your WSE.

    It is a common misconception that new equipment does not require a WSE, however this is incorrect. All equipment that falls under the regulations must have a WSE in place before it is used for the first time, regardless of age.

    Any person deemed competent to create a WSE document can do so if they have the relevant experience and knowledge, however the WSE document must be certified by either an Incorporated or Chartered Engineer, depending on the system size (usually this will require Chartered Engineer qualification sign off).

    Under the Pressure Systems Safety Regulations you must have a WSE in place prior to the use of the system. This system will include a rigid vessel and a relevant fluid, mainly gas (carbon dioxide, nitrogen, argon, steam among others), with a pressure at 0.5 bar or above excluding steam, which is at any pressure.

    The competent person determines the frequency of examination by item, and notes this in your written scheme. It is most common for the items to be examinable every 12 months.

    This is a legal requirement under the Pressure Systems Safety Regulations 2000 (PSSR) and is enforced by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and Local Authority. If the regulations are not adhered to, unlimited fines or prosecution from HSE are a possibility.

    Equipment capable of operating at 250 bar litres or above, or steam at any pressure, will fall under the regulations. To work this out multiply the maximum working pressure X vessel volume – e.g. 10.0 bar x 50 litre = 500 bar litre.

    The WSE is the obligation of the owner so hire units should be covered by the owner of the equipment, unless otherwise agreed.

    The written scheme should be completed by an independent body so that impartiality can be proven. This can be completed by a service provider as long as they are competent in this field and impartiality can be evidenced. It is paramount to note however, that the person certifying the WSE must also have the relevant qualifications (e.g. Incorporated or Chartered Engineer).