Statutory Examinations Compliant To PSSR 2000 Regulations

Statutory examinations – Under Regulation 9 of the Pressure Systems Safety Regulations the owner/user of a pressure system shall:

“Ensure that those parts of the pressure system included in the scheme of examination are examined by a competent person within the intervals specified in the scheme and, where the scheme so provides, before the system is used for the first time;..”


What is a Statutory Examination?

Statutory examinations (sometimes incorrectly referred to as an insurance inspection), must take place at the intervals specified in the Written Scheme of Examination. The purpose of the examination is for the Competent Examiner to periodically assess the condition of the components in the system that may give rise to danger or perform a safety function within the pressure system. 

The examiner must carry out careful and critical scrutiny of the pressure system to establish the safety of the system. The Competent Examiner will report on the actual condition of the system. As a result of the examination it may be recommend that changes be made to either system operating constraints (such as the Safe Operating Limit), or the periodicity of examinations. 


Our service includes:

On our initial visit to site our engineer will obtain information on the pressure system. This includes air receiver size and markings, to a drawing of the system, all relevant to the location of the system. This will allow us to fully complete the statutory examinations.

As part of the examinations Mandate Systems:

  1. Open and close the vessel at each visit, therefore there is no other costs for internal or external labour (Separators on compressors are excluded).
  2. Examine protective devices, materials and normally new seals are fitted.
  3. Pipework check to ensure it would not give rise to danger.
  4. Site drawings are maintained without any additional cost, as part of our statutory examination visit. 


How can Mandate help?


As part of our service we offer: 

  1. Transparency. Mandate has no hidden extras and all our prices include labour and travel expenses, with a full breakdown of what our visit includes
  2. We offer fixed price deals for up to 3 years, to keep costs low and allow you to budget, and only invoicing once the work has completed (first visit excluded)
  3. The price automatically includes minor updates to the Written Scheme of Examination & any drawings if produced by Mandate Systems.
  4. Our customer service department is proactive to ensure that the examination does not become overdue.
  5. Our engineers have experience of pressure systems and therefore can offer independent advice if necessary.
  6. We provide continuity of examiner (if your business changes Insurance Broker, this may mean that their engineering service also moves).
  7. We also provide leak audits, which in most cases will save you energy and compressor maintenance expenditure. Also we are now providing Management System audits, to help you demonstrate proactive compliance with legislation.
  8. Once completed and checked by our in-house engineering team all documents will be securely stored on the Mandate website for you to view and download 24/7
  9. Documentation and Reports are evidence for both HSE and your insurer, they provide evidence that the system and vessels have been examined by a Competent Person.  

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What is a statutory examination?
  • An external and/or internal check of the pressure vessels, looking for cracks rusting, wear and tear.
  • Visual and physical checks of the protective devices.
How do Mandate Systems carry out an examination?

In most cases include the opening of the appropriate vessel for internal / thorough examination. Not all inspection companies offer this procedure therefore incurring third party involvement and additional costs.

What will be on my Examination report?

Inspection reports detail:-

  • information from the identification plate or test certificate
  • ultrasonic scan of the vessel wall thickness
  • internal visual examination of internal wall condition and welds
  • examination of protective devices including pressure gauges, relief / safety valves
  • check the safe operating limits
  • and any additional safety issues relating to the vessel and its peripherals
Who should carry out the examinations?

The examinations must be carried out by a Competent Person(s), whether this be your insurance company or an independent provider.

How are my documents presented?

All examination reports are retained securely online and are available to you 24/7 for immediate access or download, in PDF.


Our engineers have extensive knowledge of pressure system design, installation, commissioning and maintenance. Therefore Mandate can give customers the best service, using our years of experience in this field.