Mandate Systems Engineer Surveyor Connor, discusses why we need to see your records in order to carry out an examination under the written scheme. 

When we arrive on site we are presented with a system and we have very little information to establish the provenance of how it was designed and components were chosen, and how any safe operating limits have been set.

Hopefully, a pressure system user/owner has been left a portfolio of documents that can help us establish whether the decisions that have been made are appropriate. 

The following documents are recommended to be available (listed in the Pressure Systems Safety Approved Code of Practice Regulation 14):

  1. Manufacturers and Suppliers documents
  2. The Written Scheme of Examination
  3. Certificates of Conformity and Tests
  4. Examination and Maintenance reports
  5. The History of the Plant

Our engineers and competent person utilise these records, kept either in hard copy or on computer by the user/owner in order to aid in the completion of an examination in accordance with the written scheme. Our evidence based approach ascertains whether the system is safe for continued operation and if any planned repairs or modifications can be carried out safely. 

An example of utilising these records is the usage of the most recent examination reports carried out. These allow the engineer to ensure the written scheme of examination is in date, and details the type of examinations carried out prior.

The competent person uses the previous Written Scheme of Examination (WSE) as an aid in order to review and draw up the current WSE ensuring it to be suitable and sufficient in order to comply with Pressure Systems Safety (PSSR 2000).

Our modern cloud based PressureSafe system enables us to scan in the documents on site and append them to your records, building a complete portfolio to help demonstrate compliance with all of the Pressure Systems Safety Regulations 2000, not just the regulation asking for a WSE.

At Mandate Systems we aim to take the mystery out of pressure systems safety so please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team over relevance of records or any other query.