For almost 30 years we have been driving through the importance of pressure system safety, you will hear us everywhere we go, from Lands End to John O’groats. 

I often ask myself, ‘Why is the concept of a Written Scheme of Examination (WSE) difficult to understand?’

Is it because it is not a physical item, such as a compressor? Or maybe it is deemed a waste of money and something that can be overlooked to save money?

Could it be that there is limited resources to check, so the ability to save money wins out?

Over the years I have heard a lot of excuses to not have a WSE in place, or keep up with the examinations. In reality the WSE and examinations, like the service, help to maintain the life of a machine and most importantly ensure it is safe for use and everyone gets to go home at the end of the day. 

There can be no price on life…

Now ask yourself, would you skip the MOT on your car to save money? 

The answer is probably no, as not only are you likely to be caught by the number of ANPR cameras on the road, with a lovely fine and points to boot, but you are also putting your life and those you love at risk.

What if I told you that a coffee machine in your local shop or high street chain was covered under the same regulations as an industrial pressure system? Ever thought how the equipment your dentist uses works? You guessed it, compressed air.

Would you expect these businesses, or any business, to ensure they had a WSE in place to make it safe for you to visit?

The answer is probably going to be ‘Yes’.

I then ask ‘Would you skip the safety checks on your pressure system?’

Hopefully, the answer is ‘No’.

Mandate Systems are always on hand to give honest and impartial advice to anyone who asks for it. Our purpose is to improve the standard of the pressure systems industry by educating people in the importance of the Pressure System Safety Regulations. 

Amy Kent, Managing Director