It is with a very heavy heart that we announce our Engineering Director, Matthew Inness, sadly passed away on Monday 4th November. Matthew had suffered an unexpectedly short battle with cancer and leaves behind his wife and three beautiful children.

How Matthew came to Mandate Systems

Coming for an interview almost three years ago, to the day, Matthew sat down in front of Stephen, Bob and I and began his presentation. It only took 10 minutes of the interview starting to know the job was not the job for him. Regardless of this we knew that Matthew would make a great addition to the team. For the first time in almost 10 years Mandate Systems had an in-house Competent Person.

Not one to sit still, Matthew got straight to work building the foundations and together we decided where the business was going. Travelling up and down the country meeting new clients and even getting his hands dirty, much to Bob’s dismay. He never shied away from hard work and would ensure that the engineering department ran smoothly.

The day we got the news

In June this year Matthew received the news that he had a tumour. Despite the doctors best efforts Matthew was not responding well to procedures or medication. In September Matthew received the devastating news there was nothing more that could be done.

Not giving up without a fight

Being as he was Matthew continued to work at home throughout his treatment. Supporting his engineers and the rest of the team, from reviewing and creating new schemes, to answering technical questions. Even towards the end Matthew continued to think work. He came up with new ideas for the team to follow through and apologising that he couldn’t do more. Many of us visited during his treatment and the days before Matthew’s passing. One thing I can say he still had his comical touch, managing to make us all laugh.

Matthew has had a huge impact on our team, in such a short space of time. The past three years felt like a lifetime. A big character, Matthew will be missed by us all. Even the bad ‘dad’ jokes, the Lycra and the walking around with no shoes on.

We continue to support Matthew’s family through this difficult time, as they too are part of our Mandate family.

Matthew John Inness

Colleague, Friend, Family.